Marian Bay Hot Water Bottle Cover

Marian Bay Hot Water Bottle Cover beginner crochet pdf pattern

Marian Bay Hot Water Bottle Cover - Inspiration

The Marian Bay Hot Water Bottle Cover was designed as part of the Marian Bay Collection, and specifically to be my contribution to the Season of Joy Blog Hop by Kristine at Ambassador Crochet.  Throughout November a different pattern will be shared by an amazing group of designers and the theme is Chunky / Bulky.  All the patterns are made with 5 or 6 weight yarn and are perfect quick gift makes. For a full list of the contributors, see the image below.

Scroll down to get all the details on how to make your beginner hot water bottle cover and the free pattern.

The name of the series is inspired by Marian Bay, a local beauty spot here in Pwllheli.  I confess, I don’t use a lot of chunky yarn and my original plan for this blog hop was different.  I had planned to make a shawl in Scarfie.  Well let’s just say, we are having a time out and leave it at that. Lol.

Marian Bay Beginner Hot Water Bottle Cover

The idea for a hot water bottle cover came about as I was using my own.  Feeling a little rough I grabbed it for a little bit of comfort and as I filled it I had the usual thoughts.  I’m a little weird, I am always afraid it will explode or I didn’t close the stopper properly so I check and recheck my hot water bottle cover a lot before I use it.  Then I wrap it in a towel like a baby and can’t get all the heat.  At that time, I had been been working on the Marian Bay Cowl and immediately came to the conclusion it would rework it – not in Merino, and the rest is history.

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Make your hot water bottle cover

To make my cover I used Paintbox Simply Chunky, an acrylic 5 weight yarn from Lovecrafts.  I have a few random balls stashed around my house from project last christmas, and this proved to be a quick easy make.  As it was growing, I realised I didn’t want to totally cover the neck, I didn’t think the fabric would look that great all bunched up.  I also, wanted to be able to fill and refill my own hot-water bottle cover without taking it out of the cover.


The buttons used on my sample came from my stash and The Yarnsmith. 

Last year I had purchased Hayley’s advent calendar and these came as part of that and I forgot I had them.  I think they make a cute addition and seasonal touch.  You can find more buttons and more at The Yarnsmith.

Thanks to Seema Enand for testing the pattern and providing this cute image – I love how the red and grey work together.  For full details on the yarn used check out her Ravelry page by hitting the picture below.

Skill Level: Beginner

Terms:  US Terms


Paintbox Chunky 100g 136m/149yd

1 x Paper White no 300

1 x Red Wine no 315


Hook: 5mm

Other items:  

2 x buttons of your choice, scissors, darning needle, stitch marker, thread and sewing needle


Gauge: 14dc in 8 rows = 4in

Size: 11in x 9in

FREE beginner hot water bottle crochet pattern


  • Ch3 counts as a dc
  • Worked from the bottom up 



Single Crochet – sc

Double Crochet – dc

Front Post Treble Crochet – fptr

Back Post Treble Crochet – bptr

Make 2





Row 1:

Dc in the back loop of the 4th ch from the hook (3 sk chs counts as dc), dc in each st across.  Turn (33)


Row 2:

Ch3 (counts as a dc here and throughout), fptr in the next st, [dc in the next 2 sts, fptr], repeat until 1 st remains, dc in the last.  Turn 


Row 3:

Ch3, dc in the next 2 sts, [bptr, dc in the next 2 sts], repeat to the end.   Turn 


Row 4 – 19:

Repeat rows 2 and 3 changing colours in the following rows


Rows 8 – 9 colour B

Rows 10 – 13 colour A

Rows 14 – 17 colour B

Rows 18 – 19 colour A


Rows 20 – 21:

Ch3, dc in the next st, dc in each stitch across. Turn.


IF you would like your cover to hide the funnel, complete two extra repeats before completing rows 20 – 21.  Tie off and secure your ends.

Easy beginner hot water bottle cover pattern

I hope you enjoy making your Marian Bay Hot Water Bottle Cover.  Have you checked out the other patterns in the Marian Bay Collection – Marian Bay Mitts and the Marian Bay Cowl yet?

Pop over to the facebook group and let me know what colour combos you come up with.


Bye for now, 




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