A starry banner of crocheted stars, is one of those gorgeous cute things you see hanging at christmas.  You know as part of the decorations in the John Lewis home mag – web page, that looks absolutely gorgeous or like something from a movie.

That was sort of the inspiration behind these stars, except, I am not the sort to have that type of decoration in my Christmas arsenal, which is a bit of a fail but explains why you won’t see that sort of photo here!

I am excited to share that I designed these stars as part of the 30 Days of Cozy blog hop organised by Pam, my crochet business coach, at Made With a Twist 

There are 37 FREE patterns available over the month, all designed with a home holiday decor theme.  Each day in September, there will be at least one free pattern available to download as a pdf.  Today’s the day for little old me and my first ever blog hop.  Gulp.

The ‘banner’ is a trio of crocheted stars.  Stars are the dominant feature on my Christmas tree and there are so many different ways they can be presented – snowflakes, solid shapes, and so a great choice for me.

Starry Banner Crocheted Stars

Each star is made with 5-10g of yarn which make them a brilliant scrap project – and quick to make containing 5 or 6 rounds.  I used portions of a cone of 8/8 yarn from Hobbii for the white stars.  I also used some scrap ends of King Cole Cottonsoft to create my samples while watching my 6 year old take an AGE to eat toast

The Five Point Star is probably my favourite, with rounded corners it reminds me of a star from a video game that I can’t remember the name of right now.

The Hexi Star is not really a star i’m told by my children but I say it is, so it is!  This star has 6 corners and can easily be converted to a coaster or place mat using a thicker weight yarn, and bigger hook

Starry Banner 5 point star

To create your own starry crocheted banner, create multiple stars using one or all of the patterns and thread onto your favourite, string.  Is it string, yarn, decorative tape?  You see, I wasn’t lying I have 0 ideas about these things.  I have a minimal frozen winter type theme – blue and white or white and silver decorations tree only.

You will need:

30 – 45gms of dk weight yarn

4.5mm crochet hook

Darning needle, scissors and stitch markers.

To create a smaller or larger star simply change your yarn and/or hook size – the possibilities are endless.

I crocheted a hanging loop, but you could thread some glittery yarn through the top of a stitch or insert some decoration hangers for a different finish.

I hope you enjoy making your stars – and the other items in the blog hop – don’t forget to check them out OR grab the bundle at a ridiculous discount below before its too late!

Let me know in the comments below what colours you usually have for Christmas.

Bye for now,


37 patterns for $18