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26 Pattern Annual Subscription

Tired of finding frumpy fashion?

Ravelry, Etsy, Pinterest, UGH!

Too many options with no real CHOICES every time.  All you  wanna do is make something cute.  You need a new sweater for work and maybe a scarf for your sisters birthday but it all just misses the mark.

Then you start to wonder if you’re finally OLD. 

Er, nope. 

Like wine, you’re getting better AND in all the world there MUST be somewhere out there that you can get a regular supply of modern makes that give you chills and is on your wavelength

Surely, it shouldn't be this hard to find flattering, modern crochet patterns

You share a common problem with a lot of crocheters

Finding a regular supply of easy to read patterns that suit your style 

It’s not that you can’t find them, just, when you do they don’t totally match your style, aren’t as flattering to your shape and learning to read each DIFFERENT designers style and figure it out takes all the joy out of your crochet time.


If you had a supply of

Brand new patterns


waiting for you, as the weather changed, with JUST the right garment or accessory to meet the needs (and trends) of the season


Looking like your trying to hard


without spending 12345678 hrs down the rabbit hole LOOKING for them

I've got your back

Me 'n' My Hookers VIP

26 easy to read, season appropriate and stylish crochet patterns

So who’s the


behind this


It's almost me, you know I don't like photos!

Hi, I’m B, Bernadine being my whole name but only strangers call me that.

I’m the designer, maker, creator and #allthethings at Me ‘n’ My Hook. 6 or 7 years ago I learned to crochet to save myself some cash on a pouffe – HA jokes on me!

Over the years I’ve made a variety of things but my favourite makes are blankets, shawls and wearables. Today, after spending many an hour down the pinterest rabbit hole, I design mostly, shawls, size inclusive wearables for women and bags.

I’m passionate about sharing modern crochet makes that are wearable, long lasting and don’t make you feel like mutton dressed as lamb.

My aim is to enable others to make, wear and gift their makes with pride, with easy to read, and recreate, crochet patterns.

Bottom line...

…this subscription is where I’m showing up to serve you more, and share the crochet journey

More than just a library of patterns, 

Me n My Hookers VIP

Bring you 24 BRAND NEW Crochet Patterns FIRST

VIP Community


regular live chat

5 best selling patterns of 2021


Learn to read crochet pattern Guide

Sneak Peek of January CAL Pattern

Choose your plan

12 regular payments

$ 7 Per Month

1 Annual Payment

$ 60 Per Year


IF You don't like making garments & Shawls this isn't for you

This subscription is designed to help makers who want a consistent supply of garment and shawl designs.  For crocheters who make regularly and would enjoy an additional community element AND getting access to new patterns FIRST.

Don’t get me wrong, if you love my designs, or what you have seen here so far then you are welcome, HOWEVER, if you don’t make shawls, will never make a shawl and like making really small quick to finish projects then this probably isn’t the right thing for you.

This is about shared love for making similar types of projects, making them and sharing them with a community of crafters who enjoy similar things.

I’m going to help you create more of what you love to make with ease, and we’ll have a chat and a giggle while we do it!

You will learn new stitches and techniques, personal tips/family secrets and be the FIRST to see/know about the new designs falling off my hook!



New releases will be available to members starting in December 2021 

Immediately after signup, check your email inbox for instructions on how to download your bonus patterns

The exclusive designs will be released in Spring & Summer 2022

Exclusive to the VIP Facebook group, the regular call will be held on Friday or Saturday night once a month.  Bring your favourite drink, current wip and camera’s are not mandatory!

You will receive my beginner guide to reading a crochet pattern, which includes US/UK stitch conversion and hook size guide

Yes.  Any designs that are released as part of a publication or magazine are subject to contract terms and are excluded from the subscription at the time of release.  These may be added at a later date, subject to contract terms.  Any patterns released as a CAL/MAL are also excluded from the subscription and may be added at a later date.

I absolutely love the pattern kit that I purchased! The yarn is stunning and the handmade stitch marker pair well together. Highly recommend
Trista Burke
Fantastic designs and lovely owner who really cares about her products and business. perfect gifts
Carron Dawn Noon
Fantastic well written pattern. I love that you can choose how to finish your pullover, the choice of two sides means you get 3 pullovers for the price of 1! Loving my Key West Pullover
Afton Noakes

so grab that hook

let's get crocheting today

Together, we’ll go on a journey making new, modern, stylish and inclusive crochet that you will be proud to make and share